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Pairs Matchplay 2020.

The RGA is, subject to sufficient interest, going to operate a new (additional) Matchplay Pairs competition which will run throughout 2020. There will still be the usual 11 events throughout 2020, in addition to the new Pairs Matchplay competition.

The Pairs Matchplay will be open to single sex and mixed pairs, and pairs will be split across leagues of 6 to 8 (this will depend on numbers of entrants).

Each pair will be required to play the other pairs in their league (c.7 matches) between January and mid-October 2020 (matches to be organised by each pair). At that point (again, dependent upon the numbers of entrants, and therefore the number of leagues) the top one or two pairs from each league will enter the knock out phase of the competition. In the event that there are more than 4 leagues, the best four group winners will progress to the K.O. Stage

The knock out phase Semi-Finals and Finals will take place through late October and November, ideally concluding before the December RGA event. If a pair is unable to compete in the knock out stages, the next highest scoring pair in their league can take their place.

All matches will be played using 90% of the difference to the lowest handicap player (ie normal Pairs Matchplay rules).

Pairs will receive 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw. All matches to be played to 18 holes, with bonus points of 0.1 per shot for the final winning margin (ie a pair that wins 5 up, receives 0.5 bonus points).

In the event of a tie in the final league table in October, results between teams will determine the final league table order. If that was a draw, the toss of a coin will decide the winner (very unlikely due
to bonus points).

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01-Jan-2020Pairs Betterball MatchplayEnter CompetitionView Competition

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