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La Manga Club - General Community

Owners Handbook - Provision of Public Services

1. From the outset the provision of all public services - water supply and treatment, drainage, rubbish collection, street lighting, landscaping and the maintenance of all public areas - was the responsibility of the resort-owning company. As the number of communities increased it became apparent that there was a need for a “general community”, which would be responsible for community services such as safety and security, sanitation, the Medical Centre, and the Owners Clubhouse.
2. The General Community was set up in 1986 under the guidance and management of Inmogolf S.A. In 1990 control was passed to the owners themselves and has been run since then with complete autonomy. Today there is still an in-principle split in the responsibilities of Medgroup/Inmogolf and the General Community – as below.

Public Roads, pavements & drains Rubbish Collection Security
Road Signs Pest Control Medical Services
Internal Telephones Gardening Owners Clubhouse
Sewage Street Lighting LMC Magazine
Contribution to Road Sweeping Road sweeping (1/2 cost) Administrative services

3. Should an Entidad be formed in the future, this split of services will require revision. The remaining sections give some detail on each of these services.
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