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La Manga Club Owners

Owners Handbook - Other Support Services

1. Owners Clubhouse
The concept of an Owners Clubhouse originated with Mike Skerritt, a previous General Community President, who felt that owners in La Manga Club should have a place to meet, have a drink or a meal and generally provide a focal point within the Club for social and administrative meetings. To this day the Clubhouse serves this purpose
The Clubhouse is for the use of owners only and if owners are bringing someone who is not an owner, they must be signed in as a guest. The maximum number of guests an owner can have at any one time is four and a book for entering details of guests is situated inside the Clubhouse. It is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00am until 12:30am and for special events on Sundays. The Clubhouse is a preferred location for many social activities and can provide meeting facilities.
The Clubhouse is operated under the financial responsibility of the General Community. A Chairman and small dedicated committee are responsible for the running of the Clubhouse and any decisions regarding its use and to agree an annual budget. The Clubhouse finances are integrated into the finances of the General Community and the budget plus any capital projects have to be presented to and approved by the General Community Presidents.
2. La Manga Club Magazine
The General Community publishes a La Manga Club Magazine once or twice a year. This is distributed to every owner. Largely self-financing through commercial advertising revenue, the magazine is managed by an editorial panel. Its aim is to provide a digest of the social activities of the resort and to report on subjects of general interest. Contributions are always welcome and should be referred to the Editor.
3. Website
The General Community promotes a specific website devoted to General Community matters and focus for owners communication and information. The site is comprehensive and comprises a general access area and a restricted area available to “registered” owners.
Amongst other issues the website provides:-
  • Communication to owners on General Community matters and information.
  • Information on sporting activities such as golf and tennis.
  • Links to the various social activities.
  • A forum for exchange of owners’ views and even a “Buy and Sell” facility.
  • Links to various commercial companies and service providers both within the Resort and in the immediate local area.
  • A facility for registered owners to access pages specifically restricted to their personal Community information and communication.
Nearly half the owners in La Manga Club have access to confidential areas of the website. Of course any person can read the “open” content. The website address is
4. General Community Office
Many of the services described above are co-ordinated and managed through the General Community office. It is the focus for all the administrative activities involved with the running of the General Community and its services. It is a valuable source of advice to owners and the Presidents of the various Communities around the resort.
Office facilities are available to committee members of the General Community and the staff are able to assist owners by giving advice and referring issues to the relevant contacts.
The office opening hours are 09.30 – 14.00 and 16.30 – 20.00, Monday to Friday.
5. Resort Postal Services
The provision of postal services is the responsibility of the Spanish national postal service (Correos) and we are fortunate to have a local post office on site situated in the Las Sabinas shopping centre.
An additional service has been established by Mar Menor Management for the receipt of couriered parcels and packages that are not accepted by Correos.
Full details of these services are set out in Annexe M.

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