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La Manga Club Owners

Owners Handbook - Medical Services

1. Although not substituting for the Spanish National Health Service, the General Community supports a private referral clinic. This provides a service for those owners and visitors who have health concerns and is a significant link to the public health system for more severe problems.
2. The doctors are not expected to carry out consultations under the Spanish National Health Service while employed at La Manga Club but they must provide receipts so that the patient may reclaim the costs from their health insurance provider.
3. The total cost of the medical centre and part of the overall cost of the doctors´ professional services are paid for on behalf of the property owners by the General Community. These contributions are reflected in the significant difference between the consultation charges for Nominated Owners and Visitors.
4. Doctors are not expected to complete insurance claim forms on behalf of patients. When coming to La Manga Club do remember to bring sufficient supplies of any medication you use to last the duration of your stay. Also bring a list of the medication you use and of the medical conditions from which you suffer to help the doctor in the event of you needing medical help or advice while you are here. Always travel with your 'EHIC' (European Health Insurance Card).
5. Details of the Medical Services available and the charges are set out in full in Annexe K - Medical Services.
6. Should you require further information or wish to discuss a problem with the medical services you can get a Complaint Form from the Community Office, or you can refer to the General Community Vice President responsible for Medical services.
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