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La Manga Club Owners

General Community Owners Handbook - Introduction

1. The concept of a Community is a significant aspect of Spanish property law and has legal status and constraints. Most property owners are members of individual Communities with their own organisation and policies but it is important that Owners are also aware of the responsibilities and activities of the General Community. In producing this Handbook, it has been the aim to provide this background information on the role of the General Community and the services it provides throughout the resort. We hope you will find the Handbook useful and that it answers some of the questions you may have.
2. It has been designed as an “E-book” available on the General Community Website and although the full document is lengthy, we hope the links listed below will make it easy for Owners to access the relevant parts of the Handbook. Further links are also provided within the text to the various Annexes which set out the more detailed aspects of the General Community.
3. Suggestions for improving the Handbook are always welcome and can be made through the General Community office or directly to one of the General Community officers. Alternatively email at us at

To go directly to the relevant part of the handbook click on one of the links in the menu to the left. The Annexes can be printed out individually by clicking on their corresponding menu link.


1. It is hoped that this Handbook will give owners enough information to enhance their interest in and enjoyment of La Manga Club. No document can provide all the answers, but the officers of the General Community will be happy to answer any questions and assist with any problems. Do not hesitate to approach them. They are also keen to hear your suggestions on how this Handbook can be improved both in content and presentation.
2. However, above all else, the General Community officers hope that you enjoy your stay at La Manga Club.
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