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Site Disclaimer


This web site is maintained by the La Manga Club General Community for information and communication purposes. Access to the site is subject to the following Terms and Conditions and by accessing the site, users are bound by them. The La Manga Club General Community may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this page and so users should revisit this page when using the site.


Accuracy of Information.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained within the web site is correct and up to date, the La Manga Club General Community makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy and accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss due to any errors or omissions in the content of the site or caused by reliance on this information. It is advised that users check any information before acting or relying on it.

La Manga Club General Community responsibility.

Users browsing the web site do so at their own risk. The La Manga Club General Community is not liable for any loss whether in contract, or tort, arising out of the users access to, or inability to access, the site. The La Manga Club General Community also accepts no responsibility for any damage to, or viruses that may infect, computer equipment, data or other property on account of a users access to the site or the downloading of any material from the site.

Links to other Web sites.

The La Manga Club General Community does not accept any responsibility for information contained in other web sites to which this site links. Linking to any of these other web sites is, therefore at the users own risk.


Areas of web site accessible to the general public.

The La Manga Club General Community does not claim ownership of content submitted or made available to the the web site (for example forums). Although the La Manga Club General Community takes reasonable care to ensure that inappropriate material is not published and once alerted to such material will take steps to resolve the situation, the La Manga Club General Community assumes no responsibility or liability arising from the content nor for any error or omission contained in any information published by users in these areas.



You must be responsible for your own use of the site and with all applicable laws and regulations, codes, policies and Internet etiquette, and must not use our site for any illegal purpose. Here are some examples of our requirements.

  • When you register with us to use a restricted area, you must not use a false identity or pseudonym, to give the impression that the message or posting originated from someone other than you.
  • You must not post content or use the restricted areas in a way that infringes others� intellectual property rights. You must have relevant permissions to use others� intellectual property, for example, a report written by a third party where the third party has not given permission for its reproduction.
  • Any content you post on our site must be accurate and, where necessary, up-to-date.
  • You must not post content or other materials in breach of contract.
  • You must not post confidential information or trade secrets.
    Any content you post on the restricted areas of our site (including without limitation, text, images, sound, video or other electronic files or material) must be legal, decent and honest.
  • You must not use content which is illegal or indecent, for example of a pornographic, obscene, indecent, defamatory, racist, abusive, offensive, menacing or extremist political nature or which may incite violence, sadism, cruelty or racial hatred, or which may facilitate prostitution or paedophilia.
  • You must not post defamatory materials in the discussion forums. You agree that we may, without liability to you, disclose your identity to any third party with a legitimate interest in knowing that information, such as law enforcement agencies, or a third party which is the subject of your comments.
  • You must not collect or store personal information of other users of the restricted area.
  • You must not use our site (whether intentionally or otherwise) to send or forward spam (unsolicited email), chain letters, pyramid schemes, mail bombs, to launch denial of service attacks, to plant or send viruses or other disruptive programs or devices, or to engage or enable others to engage in unauthorised decryption of protected material.
  • You must not interfere with or disrupt the site or servers or networks connected to it.
  • You must not pirate or illegally copy software or other proprietary material or enabling such copying through a peer-to-peer service. Any file exchange service we may provide from time to time is provided on the clear understanding that it is not used for any illegal purpose.

If you are in any doubt about use of the site please contact us for clarification.

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